Triple Rollers

They don’t come much stronger than this. Kingsway Triple rollers can be made to order ranging from 30ft (9m) to 50ft (15m). Rollers can come with angle iron for stubble and stone management in one pass. All rollers are made extremely heavy duty with some sets doing over 15 years without needing any major repair. The barrels are a minimum of 25mm thick with some being heavier depending on the customers’ order. The frames are all made from 10-12mm thick RHS. To reduce fatigue on man and machine all rollers are built with our unique triple spring hitch, which like everything we build is simple, strong and can stand up to a decent punishment out in the paddock. Transport wheels come standard on the Angle Iron Rollers and we highly recommend having them fitted on flat rollers to reduce wear and tear when transporting. We utilise tyres inside the barrels instead of a solid axle. The reason we do this is it massively reduces fatigue over the entire machine and acts a kind of suspension, it is also much quieter.

Triple Angle Iron roller with transport wheels
Triple Angle Iron roller with transport wheels just getting the final check over before delivery
Triple flat roller with transport wheels
20m Quad Land Roller with transport wheels
Hitch that comes standard on all of our rollers. The tongue alone is 50mm thick and as with everything we build it is super heavy duty and built to last.
Front section of a 40ft triple roller.
Triple roller front section under construction. This roller is being fitted with transport wheels.