Snail Rollers

Our Single and Double Snail Rollers have been designed to basically squash the large round and small conical snails. They have proven extremely effective in turning undeliverable grain into deliverable grain. They utilise a set of steel and rubbers rollers. The steel rollers are knurled to provide grip and the rubber give just enough that the grain can pass through undamaged whilst squashing the snails in the process. We pride ourselves on simplicity and reliability with a majority of the parts on the new rollers being interchangeable with older models making parts much more readily available.

These are the 2019 model snail rollers. We’ve made a few improvements in regards to customers feedback such as strengthened internal auger and upgraded idler arm. Over many years of trial and error we’ve ended up with a very strong reliable machine that does whats is supposed to do with very little downtime.
Test running a new Double Roller.
Loading directly into the truck from the roller. The Double Roller has a capacity of up to 80 tonnes per hour.
Double Snail Roller under construction.
Two Single Snail Rollers ready for delivery.