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Our Story

Kingsway Welding is a family operated business on Yorke Peninsula. Our products are made all in-house and are distributed right across South Australia and as far as Western Australia. Here at Kingsway Welding, we pride ourselves on machinery that lasts. We don’t like seeing out machinery come back so we ensure they are simple, strong and reliable. 

Our tried and tested core range is our triple rollers, snail rollers and augers. They are extremely well made, reliable and nothing else on the market compares.  

"We are farmers as well, Kingsway is half our business and the other half is farming. We get to road test all our products. A lot of new ideas and prototypes end up on our farm so we try to crash test them for the first few years, see if we can break them and iron the bugs out before we put them out to the rest of the community"

Nick Cook